At BVT, we are not satisfied with sitting still; we are constantly paving new paths in engineering, using new technologies and methodologies in order to deliver projects as effectively and efficiently as possible. 

We are the specialists in Interior Engineering, Shelving and Racking, and Technology Enabled Engineering services. We’re experienced project managers and are the experts when it comes to seismic compliance in the New Zealand building environment so, with us, you’re in the safest possible hands. 

Our highly dedicated team work on fast turnaround projects and offer advisory services on longer term projects.



We work with you to provide universal bracing solutions for all of your non-structural building requirements. Everything from interior building design; including balustrades, facades, walls, partitions and ceilings. We can help you with layout and full design of your system to comply with all building codes and seismic requirements. 

+ Balustrades

  • Design assessment.
  • PS1 Design and PS4 Construction Review for various steel, aluminium and glass balustrading.
  • Finite Element Analysis (FEA) where required.
  • Compliance with NZ Building Code.

+ Ceilings

  • PS1 Design and PS4 Construction Review for suspended ceilings (including grid and tile, plasterboard and feature ceilings).
  • Experienced in NZS 1170.5.
  • Compliance with NZ Building Code.

+ Facades

  • PS1 Design and PS4 Construction Review for building facades.
  • Experienced designers of wind sensitive, sliding and complex architectural facades.
  • Our designs account for wind loading, seismic loading and resonance effects in accordance with AS/NZS 1170.
  • Compliance with NZ Building Code.

+ Fall arrests

  • Experts in certification of fall arrest systems.
  • PS1 Design and PS4 Construction Review for approved, safe and reliable fall arrest systems.
  • Highly experienced and knowledgeable in AS 1891.4

+ Louvres

  • Analysis of mechanical louvres on buildings (including free-standing walls and attachments).
  • PS1 Design and PS4 Construction Review.
  • Compliance with AS/NZS 1170 and the relevant material standards.
  • All designs meet NZS 3404.1, AS/NZS 1665 and AS/NZS 1554 workmanship specifications.

+ Walls & Partitions

  • PS1 Design and PS4 Construction Review for non-structural partition walls (including full height and partial height, steel, timber frame and plasterboard systems).
  • Highly experienced in producing bracing designs to meet AS/NZS 1170.2, NZS 1170.5, AS/NZS 4600 and NZS 3603 standards.


We’re known for being at the cutting edge of technology to provide the best engineering solutions. We’re always looking at ways to best utilise technology. Why? Because we know it can help make today better for our clients. Our Technology Enabled Engineering services are all about empowering our clients with the technology solutions we already use, and we know work well, because they make things better, easier and more efficient. 

3D reality capture

This technology allows you to accurately capture the interior specifications of your site and bring them back to your office in real time, which saves resources, money and time. It is a high-value engineering resource that we utilise successfully and frequently at BVT. Get in touch if you’d like to talk about how we can get this technology working for you. 

Digital infrastructure

We are experts at developing digital infrastructure and engineering tools to help our clients with planning and project management. From creating inhouse calculators that allow you to select the right products and support for your sales processes, through to data and engineering tools that allow you to keep your project on track, by generating and guiding you through tasks. Whatever your problem, we’ll have a bespoke solution, utilising technology that we know works.  




BVT are the experts in designing shelving and racking solutions for retail stores, warehouses and distribution centres. We provide seismically and structurally compliant systems for our clients to best showcase and store their highly valuable stock. From small systems to large ones that hold millions of dollars’ worth of product. The end result is cost-effective shelving and racking solutions that are safe, look great and use floor space as effectively as possible.

  • We work closely with industrial pallet racking suppliers to provide PS1 Design and PS4 Construction Review.

  • Our advanced computer modelling techniques are used to quickly and precisely certify racking structures.

  • Thoughtful design around store, warehouse and distribution centre traffic.

  • Compliance with BRANZ Design Guide and AS/NZS 4600.