Matt Bishop
Matt Bishop

BE (Hons), CMEngNZ, CPEng, HVSC
Managing Director

m +64 21 661 748
e matt.bishop@bvt.co.nz

Matt Bishop

Matt Bishop is the co-founder and Managing Director of BVT Engineering Professional Services.

As Managing Director, Matt is responsible for the leadership and strategic direction of BVT, together with the delivery of exceptional client service.  As a Structural / Mechanical engineer (Chartered Professional and International Professional Engineer), Matt’s specialist skills include mobile structures (heavy vehicles and cranes), computational design (finite element analysis), safety engineering and international compliance (CE marking and homologation).

Matt has an extensive global network and keeps abreast of latest developments in technological advances which will benefit his clients, including Building Information Management (BIM), Computational Engineering (FEA, CFD) and Internet of Things (IoT).

Not a traditional engineer, Matt has pioneered the use of technology and agile workflow techniques in an engineering professional services environment.  This has enabled BVT to develop its services to anticipate and adapt to rapidly changing circumstances, both within the project and macro contexts.

Matt is passionate about collaboration and communication across disciplines, projects and services.  This is particularly critical in complex project environments where there are multiple parties and contractors.  BVT is highly regarded for its ability to work with diverse stakeholders during construction to achieve mutually beneficial outcomes, particularly in area of seismic bracing of non-structural elements.

Driven to achieve practical solutions for his clients, Matt is committed to building capability and diversity in the engineering profession.  As a leading employer of graduates, BVT has built a reputation for employing the best and the brightest, then investing in their capability uplift using a range of traditional and non-traditional techniques.

Finally, as one of New Zealand’s leading advisers, Matt is a highly sought after public speaker and actively champions the role of engineers in enabling a connected and innovative society.