Max Waters
Max Waters

Senior Team Leader

m +64 22 100 1038
e max.waters@bvt.co.nz

Max Waters

Max is our Senior Team Lead and is responsible for engineering quality and methodology. His focus is developing robust engineering systems targeted at fast delivery for our clients.  

Max joined us a first class honours graduate from Canterbury University in 2012. Taking full advantage of our professional development program, he now oversees our teams’ engineering performance, quality and delivery.

Max has quickly developed his skill set, particularly in the areas of Finite Element Analysis (FEA), simulation, non-structural building elements, facades, and light structural engineering. Continuing to develop, Max has completed a specialisation unit in seismic bracing of non-structural building elements. He has also gained Professional Simulation Engineer (PSE) accreditation through NAFEMS and become a Chartered Mechanical/Structural Engineer through Engineering NZ.