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Any modifications or repairs to critical components of heavy vehicles will require certification by a Heavy Vehicle Specialist Certifier (HVSC) to be able to pass Certificate of Fitness (CoF). At BVT, we have HVSCs dedicated to providing heavy vehicle certifications and issue LT400 forms in accordance with the NZTA Road Transport Regulations. Our services include certification of chassis modificaitions, load anchorages, seat belt anchors, tow bars, draw bars, and draw beams.

Important note for those affected by PWE certification revocation: We are supporting the re-certification efforts and are currently travelling up to affected regions 2 days per week. However, BVT Engineering is not a member of the NZTA panel of providers servicing Nelson under the HVE collective response. Normal commercial rates apply.

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Morgan Boyd

Heavy Vehicle Specialist Certifier

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Aidan Davey

BE (Hons), MEngNZ

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Nick Watson

Watson Mechanical, in partnership with BVT

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