Fast Solutions to Big Problems


The client

A high-profile, Australian-based furniture retailer operating around 46 stores across Australia, entering the New Zealand market for the first time. 

The situation

This Australian based retailer was set to open its first store in New Zealand, after using its Australian project team of construction managers and architects to oversee its interior fit out. When they headed to council to receive their code of compliance certificate just a few days before opening, they were told their store was not seismically compliant. As experts in the seismic requirements of building in New Zealand, BVT was asked to step in to solve this client’s big, unexpected, and potentially very costly, problem. 

Our solution

Our agile way of working, unlike most traditional engineering firms, allowed us to move quickly to solve our client’s problem. With only a few days until they were set to open, there was no time to lose. 

We moved fast, sending in our engineers to thoroughly audit the store for potential risks and produced a comprehensive report outlining the actions our client needed to undertake to make their store completely safe and seismically compliant. 

Construction in New Zealand can be challenging for people from overseas who are not well versed in the seismic requirements of building here. Which is why we then worked alongside our client’s Australian construction team to ensure they had all the support they needed to get the store ready, safe and compliant. Fast.  

The results

A very happy (and very relieved) client with a compliant solution to a problem that could have delayed their store opening by up to a month or more. We are proud to say that our quick, thorough work, along with our partnering and supportive approach saw our client open, safely and compliantly, with no expensive opening delays.