Our Founder and Managing Director, Matt Bishop, is driven by his vision to revolutionise the engineering industry. He believes it’s time to shake up traditional ways of working in favour of more progressive thinking, and he’s hard at work doing just that. 

Matt is passionate about staying at the forefront of the latest technologies, and about building capability within the industry by changing the way engineering knowledge is transferred; via optimised systems and workflow techniques ensuring knowledge resides not just in engineers, but also in tools, systems and databases.  

Since founding BVT in 2009, Matt has built a 40-strong team, fostering a culture that rewards creativity, curiosity and collaboration. He believes in hiring the best and the brightest, then investing in their development and giving them opportunities to shine. 

Under Matt’s leadership, BVT has grown exponentially over its first 10 years, pioneering the use of technology powered solutions and workflow techniques to become one of the most highly sought-after companies in its field. 

Matt is a Structural/Mechanical Engineer (Chartered Professional and International Professional Engineer) and his specialist skills include mobile structures (heavy vehicles and cranes), computational design (finite element analysis), safety engineering and international compliance (CE marking and homologation).

Matt has an extensive global network and is a highly sought-after public speaker as one of New Zealand’s leading engineering advisers. He was educated at the University of Canterbury in Christchurch, New Zealand and at Harvard Business School. 

Sitting still (personally and professionally) is not an option for Matt. His love of exploring new frontiers extends to his personal life where he has been known to take dirt bikes off-road from Perth, Australia, right into the Kimberley region and up to Cape York.