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With experience at the helm of some of New Zealand’s biggest construction projects, BVT is pleased to have John Sheridan fronting the company’s operations. Driven by seamless execution and backed by invaluable experience in the construction industry, John’s primary focus is to drive performance against productivity across all projects and ensure that BVT constantly deliver on our service requirements to the highest of standards. 

A London native, John started his career on the tools before extending his skills into site management, project management, and operational management. This experience has shaped John’s belief that there are no multiples of the same, every project is unique and every situation should be assessed separately. This high level of care that John is best known for, has been intrinsic to a number of large commercial and residential projects across New Zealand. The most notable being a Christchurch residential rebuild worth 1.2 billion in construction. 

Following the earthquakes, John was part of the initial industry response team and played a big hand in setting up the processes and procedures around new compliance and regulation requirements. This heavy involvement in Christchurch insurance work positions John at the forefront of quality assurance, compliance and regulation requirements in New Zealand. John leads our BVT team with great precision and is enjoying guiding and mentoring junior engineers by sharing his practical skills and invaluable experience with them.