WorkSafe Inspections & Safe Work Method Procedures

BVT have noticed an increase in the activity of worksafe inspectors around work sites that have not traditionally been audited. On more than one occasion, several prohibition notices have been issued for equipment that has no load rating or certification. For several companies, this has required a rapid turn-around in certification services to avoid a halt in normal operations.

Here at BVT, we strive to deliver the quickest engineering service possible and will do all we can to help if you find yourself in the position of needing certification quickly. However, we do recommend that you perform your own internal audit before Worksafe inspect you. We have noticed the following pieces of equipment are being found non-compliant:

  • Forklift work platforms / mancages,
  • Crane-lifted work platforms,
  • Spreader beams,
  • Lifting beams,
  • Lifting hooks,
  • Forklift fork extensions, and
  • Forklift & Telehandler lifting attachments.

The changes to workplace health and safety have also seen an increase in the number of Safe Work Method Procedures being required. This is being driven by The Health and Safety Reform Bill, which is currently before Parliament and due for a report back by 30 March 2015. Company director’s need help with their new responsibilities and BVT are able to provide a robust means of assessing the level of health & safety risk in your company’s operations. We can then provide the necessary services to eliminate and mitigate risk.

If you have any of this equipment or non-standard work methods and are unsure about your requirements, please call us today.

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