No more compliance uncertainty for mobile machinery. Our work with Contract Consultants Ltd.

Contract Consultants Ltd maintain a large fleet of heavy vehicles and mobile plant equipment for sale and hire to NZ’s major contractors. They offer fully HSWA compliant plant as a minimum to their clients, and need to ensure that each machine is safe to operate, meeting these standards at all times.

But the current process for mobile plant safety auditing and validation had become frustratingly fragmented. Multiple contractors specifying multiple requirements to different suppliers and subcontractors for each job. With so many people involved, the cost of compliance was increasing and it was uncertain whether a machine would meet the specifications of all parties on-site.

So, Contract Consultants approached the team at BVT Engineering Professional Services and the CertifiedSafe program was created.

It was designed by BVT as a practical solution to the issues faced by Contract Consultants and the wider industry. As professional engineers, it is BVT’s job to audit and certify this type of equipment. The problem lay in the ease of verification for external parties. Regulators, principal contractors, suppliers and subcontractors are all concerned with the safety of equipment on-site, and each group can have different requirements.

The CertifiedSafe program ensures an annual safety audit and certificate of compliance from a Chartered Professional Engineer for every machine within the program. Each is fitted with a smartphone enabled plate that can be scanned by anyone wishing to verify its compliance and safety specifications.

The audit control measures within the program were created by BVT in partnership with regulators and contributing companies such as Contract Consultants, to ensure they met best-practice standards.

Now it’s easy for everyone working with or around this machinery to get on with the job at hand. Contract Consultants know their fleet meets the requirements of the regulator and all contributing contractors and suppliers, who can verify this at any time using their mobile phone.