Wind load on structures training

My colleague Arlen Yung and I recently attended an IPENZ training course about wind load on structures. The course was presented by Richard Flay, professor of Mechanical Engineering at the University of Auckland, and Dr Yin Fai Li, wind engineering consultant.

The course examined the inner workings of AS/NZS 1170.2, with an in-depth look into the code-writer’s mind (Professor Flay was heavily involved in the drafting of this code) in order to help practicing engineers to judge how to apply the simple codified guidelines to real world problems.

Many working examples were presented to show how the Standard should be used in typical structures designed and built in the local construction industry.

There was excellent discussion from all involved and many challenging questions were raised. As a professional engineer, it’s important to attend courses such as these to ensure we are up to date with the latest research and techniques. However, it’s the discussion generated amongst peers that really makes these courses interesting. Hearing about the vast range of projects to which different codes are applied, and how engineers approach solutions in different ways, can be a great learning experience.

If you have any questions regarding wind loads, speeds or pressure on your project, please contact me directly.