Welcome to our 2017 graduates

Erik van den Berg

I grew up in Christchurch but have spent the past 15 years working as a pharmacist in the UK and Australia before deciding on a career change. Starting at BVT as a graduate engineer has been a fantastic experience. Coming back to Christchurch from Australia has been a big move, but the career opportunities provided by BVT has made this a much easier decision. The first two weeks on the job have involved all sorts of job types, so it should be an exciting few years learning the ropes as an engineer. In my spare time I love to play with anything with an engine and two wheels, and I’m looking forward to getting back on the track at Ruapuna.


Michael Kaye

I grew up in Christchurch and stayed on to complete a degree of mechanical engineering at University of Canterbury. Two weeks after my final exams I was married, and have enjoyed setting up a new life and the adventures that come with it.

During my time at university my passion for mechanical engineering grew and I was given the opportunity to work at BVT, a unique blend of diversely skilled engineers with a friendly, approachable service. The past few weeks at BVT have been an exciting time to learn and develop new skills in a team focused workplace. I look forward to the year ahead as a graduate engineer to train and be exposed to a wide variety of work.


Anita Holmes

I’m originally from Nelson, then moved down to Christchurch to study mechanical engineering at University of Canterbury. After graduating university I spent the holidays exploring Great Barrier Island and doing various bike trips around the South Island.

It’s been a hectic first few weeks getting adjusted to the wide range of work here at BVT, but I look forward to being part of all that goes on in this company.



Cam Brewster 

Originally from New Plymouth, I moved down to Christchurch to study at University of Canterbury. After university I travelled for 2 months around America before coming straight into work at BVT as a graduate engineer. I enjoy the high pace of work with short turnarounds at BVT, and am excited at the prospect of being able to work on a large variety of jobs.


Jordan Kelly

I started working at BVT fresh out of University of Canterbury after studying mechanical engineering. Since growing up in Hamilton, I’m very keen on being outdoors, whether that is surfing, wakeboarding or biking. The variety of work and opportunity for learning that BVT can give has got me excited to be a part of the team, I can’t wait for what the next few months have in store.



Ben Horsfall

I moved to New Zealand and joined BVT just before Christmas after working as a mechanical engineer for the past 8 years in the UK. I specialise in FEA which aligns well with BVT’s already great pedigree in this area. My first few weeks have been a whirlwind of different structures and standards – coming from a different country and industry there is a lot to learn! There’s been a good chunk of reasonably complex work to do already, and I’ve made a significant contribution to the company’s capacity. This year, I hope to drive forward the exciting plans the company has to provide total solutions to businesses across NZ.