Otago Dental School redevelopment – Project savings with BVT’s coordinated approach to services installation

Photo credit: Jasmax

The new Otago Dental School will be one of the most modern and energy efficient health related facilities in the country and  BVT will be providing the expertise required to complete the seismic restraint of services throughout the building.

After a 12 week selection process in August 2016, the University of Otago’s Project Working Party appointed Leighs Cockram JV as the lead contractor for the build, which is valued at around $125 million, and foundations for the new building are currently in progress.

Well known for our timely, agile and collaborative approach to on-site engineering works, we began work with Benmax Mechanical to provide a coordinated solution for the seismic restraint of services.

This means creating a seismic design that will support the installation of all services throughout the building, and providing an agile, rapid response team to assess issues and resolve problems on-site in order to achieve critical timelines. With this approach we are able to significantly reduce complexity at this stage of construction, saving time and money on the overall build.

The key is communication. We identify and contact ahead of time all services subcontractors in order to define their requirements. Once we have these, we begin to build a picture of the most efficient design. How can we design the restraints to minimise unnecessary materials, and maximise the utility of each brace? By bringing together the requirements of all involved, we can create a standard solution to seismic bracing across the entire project. This means accurate quoting for materials and installation time, resulting in project savings that support accelerated delivery.

In short, our team gathers all the necessary information from across suppliers and subcontractors, assesses all the moving parts, and brings them together into one simple solution.

We look forward to the official start of construction on this purpose-built and state-of-the-art facility, as it continues to lead the professional training of dentistry in New Zealand.

If you would like to know more about our coordinated approach to services installation, please contact myself (Jordan Kelly) or Max Waters directly, or reach us via the main office.