Real Education

On Friday the 13th May, I talked to a group of year 10 science students at Burnside High School. I presented a slideshow to them about a potential career path in Engineering, which they knew a surprising amount about. The kids seemed fascinated that maths has real life applications and asked some thoughtful questions in addition to the preset teacher questions. The slideshow presented can be found at the following link

I became involved with Futureintech after being sent the email from a colleague. The idea of educating school kids on what jobs are available in the world and giving them insight into what is beyond school seemed pretty cool. Personally, I felt that at school I had not been given enough info on what work is available and had made my decision based on a teachers recommendation and what my mates were doing. Luckily, I do enjoy engineering, but I can imagine that there would be alot of people who choose or miss careers due to lack of knowledge of what is out there. 
Futureintech has the potential to give school kids alot more information about jobs and I think it is a good idea to get involved and at least show them what is out there. More information can be found at the Futureintech website where students can find out more information, or people in industry can become involved in educating school kids about the real world as well.