Our year as 2016 graduates

It hard to believe that it’s almost been one year since we started as the 2016 graduate intake at BVT Engineering Professional Services. After the initial three months of intense learning about standards, a wide variety of software packages, tips and tricks for various common jobs, and performing a hit play, we moved into the scrum teams to put our engineering knowledge to work. We’ve all learnt a lot and discovered that working as a consulting engineer is quite different compared to studying engineering at university. Here are a few highlights from our year:

“It has been great getting up to speed quickly in areas like ceilings and services bracing. Going from not knowing the difference between a furring channel and a top cross rail, to being able to quickly design seismic solutions makes the learning worthwhile. Being approached by clients to provide problem solving advice to overcome difficulties on site shows the value in what we do, and getting to travel is an added bonus.” – Sam

“As a new grad in Australia, the building services industry never really interested me. In classic mechanical student fashion I dismissed an entire industry out of hand, as nothing moved enough to be interesting. A move to Christchurch proved me wrong! As a member of BVT’s non structural building elements team, I have been exposed to a wide range of seismic design problems and solutions, and I can now be found happily crawling in ceiling cavities, providing fast turnaround for a variety of clients.” – Alex

“Having studied civil engineering at university, deciding to work at BVT, a predominantly mechanical engineering firm, was something outside of my comfort zone. However, after working three months at BVT, it became clear to me that the skills I learnt during my degree were relevant. An example of this is when I worked on the design of fuel storage tanks for HSNO compliance. It required an understanding of limit state design (structural) and allowable working stress design (mechanical), as well as skills in FEA and 3D CAD modelling. Being able to learn new skills as well as apply existing knowledge, interacting with clients and developing robust solutions, has made the journey so far at BVT really enjoyable.” – Arlen

All of the grads can agree that one standout feature of our first year here at BVT has been the incredible team culture.  Whether we’re building and sailing cardboard boats at a team-building day, mountain biking at lunchtime, or delving into a new standard, everyone is always willing to lend a helping hand.