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Max Waters gain NAFEMs accreditation

BVT would like to congratulate Max for achieving the National Agency for Finite Element Methods and Standards (NAFEMS) Professional Simulations Engineer (PSE) Certificate. This means that clients can have full confidence in the quality of the FEA – Finite Element Analysis, and simulation engineering conducted at BVT.

NAFEMS have a mission statement “to promote the safe and reliable use of finite element and related technology”. Finite Element Analysis (FEA) is becoming more common in industry practise to obtain fast, robust and optimised engineering solutions. However, like with any software programs there is a risk of improper use and interpretation – garbage in equals garbage out. NAFEMS aims to promote best practices and training to ensure the users are working within their competencies.

NAFEMS offers Professional Development in many areas, and recently Max Waters has received his Professional Simulation Engineer (PSE) Certificate in seven competency areas with ANSYS Workbench. To achieve PSE Certification Max needed to submit his work experience in FEA, and carry out an interview with two experienced NAFEMS assessors. Now he is suitably qualified in the following competencies of FEA:

  • Core Finite Element Analysis – Standard
  • Mechanics, Elasticity and Strength of Materials – Standard
  • Nonlinear Geometric Effects and Contacts – Standard
  • Beams, Membranes, Plates and Shells – Standard
  • Plasticity – Standard
  • Buckling and Instability – Standard
  • Verification and Validation – Entry

For more information about NAFEMS please see https://www.nafems.org