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Matt Bishop – Expansion of recognised practice area

BVT would like to congratulate Matt Bishop on the expansion of his recognised practice area to now include Mechanical, Structural and Management practice fields.  Matt has also been recognised as an International Professional Engineer (IntPE). This is governed by the The International Professional Engineer Agreement,  IPEA (formally the Engineers Mobility Forum agreement) is a multi-national agreement between engineering organisations in the member jurisdictions which creates the framework for the establishment of an international standard of competence for professional engineering. Members must have at least 7 years post-graduate experience, with two years responsibility for major engineering works and be recognised a Chartered Professional Engineer in their own country of practice.

This has been achieved as a result of Matt’s hard work, determination and vision.  BVT has a strong commitment to professional development and currently allocates 4-5 times the amount of professional development time per staff member as is required to maintain competence.

Matt is now also on the Auckland Council Registered Author’s list to issue Producer Statements for Design (PS1) and Construction Review (PS4) for G4 Mechanical and B1 Structure.