Lyttelton Port Company Area Audits

Lyttelton Port Company (LPC) conduct critical regional operations on a daily basis. They often have to conduct operations that are inherently dangerous when working with big machines, heavy loads and tight timelines. Considering these restrictions, it can be incredibly difficult to keep track of changing regulations while still keeping a competitive edge in operations on the world stage.

To help manage their Health and Safety operational and compliance risks, Lyttelton Port Company (LPC) have been working with BVT to conduct annual audits of different operational areas.

The audits involve a walk around of the different areas, identifying equipment and talking to workers to categorise the different risks and how they are managed. This then gives LPC clarity on which areas require more attention than others and which areas are performing at an adequate or exemplary level in meeting health and safety requirements determined by Worksafe and Standards NZ. This helps to ensure that LPC is doing all that it practicably can to meet its health and safety requirements, improve operations and constantly improve the workplace.