Leighs Construction Air Bridges

Part of our specialisation is helping clients with engineering for temporary works. We are often sought out to help clients with the parts of larger projects that need a quick solution and plan for operations to continue business-as-usual. A recent example is the assistance we have given Leighs Construction for part of a large project at  Christchurch International Airport.

The project involved the construction of two air bridges. Leighs wanted to construct the airbridges off site, and lift the finished product into place including glazing and cladding. Leighs approached BVT to help with the design and plan of the the lifting process.

The first service BVT provided was the design and certification of the lifting points. These were incorporated into the steelwork off-site, and designed to be easily removable once the air bridges are in place.

BVT also developed a lifting plan for the complex lift. The lift is to be completed in 4 parts, each part utilising two cranes that need to be carefully positioned. BVT decided to use the construction drawings to create a 3D scale model of the project, allowing us to plan each step of the lift in 3D, identify any location issues, and determine the most efficient crane placement to utilize the crane capacity.

If you are looking for a quick engineering solution for your temporary works, get in touch to see how we can assist with the design, planning and quality assurance of your project.