Keystone 2016 Annual Awards

The Keystone Trust was set up to honor the late Graham Briggs, with its purpose to help students interested in the property market with guidance, experience and financial assistance. In 2010 I was a recipient of the scholarship, involved as a student for four years, and as an alumni member for the last 2. I have been attending as many events as possible as they are great opportunities to catch up with friends and network.

Recently, Matt Bishop and I attended the 2016 annual awards evening to help celebrate the new students. It also provided a great opportunity to have a beer and a chat with people from a bunch of large, industry leading construction and property development companies, law and architecture firms, and real estate and property valuation businesses. The chats are an excellent way to keep up to date with current and future projects and how the industry is evolving.

I’m looking forward to the next event, which I will attend and do the same again.