We invest in the most advanced technology to give you the highest accuracy and fastest turnaround

Using the right technology during the calculation or analysis phase of a project can take hours, if not days, off the turnaround time.

As engineers, we are always looking for smarter and simpler ways to deliver practical solutions for our clients, exactly when they need them. An excellent example of this is the technology we use for our finite element analysis (FEA).

FEA is a method for predicting how a product will react to real-world forces such as vibration, heat, and fluid flow. It shows whether a product will break, wear out, or work the way it was designed.

There has been considerable advancement in computational power and FEA in recent years, and technological methods that were considered research only four years ago, are now practical at a commercial level.

We use a software package called ANSYS for FEA analysis, which is one of the most advanced on the market and the closest result to physical testing that can be obtained.

When we initially introduced the software, we re-analysed projects that were completed with a different package, and found that we could reduce the time it took to solve the problem by 42x. This has translated to some serious savings for our clients.

The challenge with leading-edge software is having the in-house capability not only to drive it, but to accurately interpret the results. Given the complex nature of the software, specific training is required to do this.

At BVT we have two in-house specialists using this software and we are more than happy to discuss with you how it could be used for your project.

Please contact me directly for further information.