Engineer’s Certification

BVT provides a range of different deliverables to meet client needs. Many of these require no explanation – an engineer’s report or set of drawings are easily understood. However ‘certification’ can mean different things, so the differences between the different certifications is worth explaining.

Engineer’s Certificate

An engineer’s certificate is a statement, signed by a Chartered Professional Engineer (CPEng) that a particular piece of equipment complies with the requirements of one or more standards, approved codes of practice, or similar documents. A certificate is usually accompanied with a plate for attachment to the certified equipment, and typically references the serial number or plant number of the specific piece of plant, equipment or machinery being certified. BVT would issue an engineer’s certificate for such things as:

  • Lifting beam
  • ROPS
  • Man cage
  • Lifting eye
  • Trench shield
  • Forklift attachment

Engineer’s Statement of Design Compliance (SoDC)

A statement of design compliance is a statement that a given design complies with the requirements of one or more standards. The SoDC looks very similar to an engineer’s certificate, and is also signed by a CPEng, but are typically issued to the manufacturers of equipment, such as the manufacturers of a steel fuel storage tank,  rather than to the end user.

A SoDC certifies the design of the plant, equipment or machinery, but does not guarantee that an as-built item complies with the design – this is left to the manufacturer’s Quality Assurance systems.

Producer Statements

We also issue Producer Statements for work carried out under the NZ Building Code. There are four types of producer statement, three of which BVT can issue:

  • Producer Statement PS1 – Design: is a statement by a suitably qualified CPEng, on reasonable grounds, that a proposed piece of building work will comply with the requirements of a particular clause of the NZ building code. A PS1 is based on a design, and therefore will refer to design drawings and other appropriate supporting information.


  • Producer statement PS2 – Design Review: is a statement by a suitably qualified professional (in this case, a CPEng), on reasonable grounds, that a proposed piece of building work which has been designed by others, will satisfy particular requirements of the NZ building code. As for a PS1, a PS2 will refer to design documentation which will be supplied along with the PS2.


  • Producer Statement PS4 – Construction Review: is a statement, by a competent design professional (i.e. a CPEng), on reasonable grounds, that certain aspects of building work have been completed according to the building consent, any amendments to the building consent, and the design covered by the original PS1. A PS4 is usually based on construction monitoring carried out by the design professional, and information supplied by the contractor and installer.

If you have questions about what certification documentation is required for your project, get in touch with us at info@bvt.co.nz