Draft for AS/NZS 2785:2018 Suspended ceilings – Design and installation – now open for comment

The objective of this standard is to provide the minimum requirements for the design, manufacture, installation, and performance of suspended ceilings systems used in commercial and industrial applications.

This edition incorporates the following major changes:
(a) The word “load” has been replaced by the word “action” to be consistent with the terminology for structural design and AS/NZS 1170 series Standards.
(b) The definitions have been substantially upgraded.
(c) The word “fastener” has replaced the word “fixing”.
(d) The concept of Seismic Grade (SG) of the ceiling has been introduced.
(e) Design Producer’s Certification (PS) has been introduced.
(f) Construction Monitoring (CM) has been introduced.
(g) The concept of Specific Engineering Design (SED) has been introduced.
(h) Section 2, Design requirements, has been substantially revised including earthquake and wind design.
(i) Restraint of luminaires has been added.
(j) The design of fasteners into concrete has been revised.
(k) The acoustic requirements have been modified.
(l) Detailing, ceiling restraints and services interaction has been included in Section 5.
(m) Testing and verification methods have been upgraded in Section 6.


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