Don Houchen Schlorship Winner – Matt Bishop

In 2015 the Consulting Engineer’s Advancement Society launched the Don Houchen Scholarship.  The purpose of the scholarship is to 2015 to fund the further education in Business, Technical or Risk Management skills in the Consulting Engineering industry.

This scholarship commemorates Don Houchen’s long association with CEAS.  Don died in 2013 whilst still the  lead insurance broker with Aon Professional Risks. Through Aon Professional Risks and its predecessors Don  supported CEAS for more than 30 years and he was a passionate advocate of the principles behind the society.  He worked  tirelessly  to assist CEAS members in negotiating equitable contracts with clients, providing  risk  management  advice,  representing  the  society  in  submissions  to  government  and  providing  support  and encouragement in resolving insurance disputes. Don believed  that consulting engineers needed to develop  skills in risk management and contracts to reduce commercial disputes and enhance the services they provided  to their clients. The purpose of this scholarship is to further those objectives in CEAS member firms.

Matt  was one of two winners of the scholarship.  Matt selected the Harvard Business School’s “Leading Professional Service Firms” short course.  This course is a one week, live-in course in Boston, USA and “provides the tools you need to create effective go-to-market strategies, cultivate and retain top talent, strengthen client relationships, and enhance long-term performance”. Matt’s course takes place in early April 2016.  He will be out of the office for 2 weeks.

Matt and BVT would like to say thank you to CEAS, and the Don Houchen Scholarship, Matt is expecting to bring back fresh ideas that will help get BVT to the next level.”