Diverse work at BVT

Working at BVT has exposed me to a much wider range of engineering work then I had expected during University. Rather than being stuck doing the same type of job week in week out, I have constantly been challenged with new job types and areas of engineering. From lifting equipment design and analysis to inspection and certification of enormous inflatable slides and everything in between, variety has certainly spiced up my time at BVT.

For the past 6 months I have been in a team focused on Safety Engineering with an aim to provide practical engineering advice and controls to reduce workplace injuries and deaths. Understanding the underlying engineering principles behind machinery and equipment, alongside experience in design and analysis has smoothed this transition and helped our team to provide practical and robust controls.

Another area you may not be aware that BVT is involved with is Workplace accident investigation. Unfortunately, there are still major workplace accidents occurring in New Zealand each week. Often, these accidents involve machinery failing, malfunctioning or just being used inappropriately. When it comes to an accident investigation, the same engineering fundamentals and skillsets used proactively during design can be used reactively to determine the root cause of the accident. One example from a recent job is using Finite Element Analysis (FEA) to determine the speed of a vehicle required to cause a  mechanical failure, another is using dynamic modelling software to recreate an accident for root cause analysis.

If you have a problem, even if not what you would expect an engineer to do, let me know.  An engineering skillset and the tools we have available can help you reach a robust solution quickly, it also makes for diverse and enjoyable work.