Classical Sparks and the Christchurch Lantern Festival

Each year, Christchurch City Council (CCC) puts on a large number of high quality public events. From the SCIRT World Buskers Festival to New Brighton Guy Fawkes and everything in between, these events add a layer of fun and culture to our rebuilding city. At BVT, we have the privilege to work alongside the CCC events team to provide responsive engineering support at a number of these events.

1The past two weekends, Classical Sparks and the Christchurch Lantern Festival occured back to back in Hagley Park. CCC approached BVT to provide construction monitoring of the stage installations at both events, as well as engineering advice around the bracing of a series of large new displays for the Christchurch Lantern Festival.

captureConstruction monitoring was a straightforward process as BVT had previously completed the PS-1 design for the various stage, screen and orchestra platforms used at both events. Bracing of the lanterns was more involved, requiring close consultation with the events team, wind loading calculations and professional judgement.

With the pressure of two events and the hard weekend deadlines, it was critical that we could provide site visits on short notice, provide instant feedback and develop practical solutions to any problems raised. Exactly what we are good at.