BVT Team Planning and Team Building Day

Written by Jemma Turner – Project Administrator

On Tuesday 22nd March, BVT stepped out of the office and ventured over to Living Springs near Governor’s Bay. It was the perfect way to kick off the second quarter of 2016, with a stunning autumn’s day spent in a spectacular outdoor environment.

The morning involved numerous outdoor team building activities, where our newly restructured teams competed against both each other, and the clock. Living Springs did an excellent job adjusting their Initiatives course to suit our skill level.  Each team had the extra challenge of navigating the course with one team member blindfolded and one carrying a bucket full of water with a rubber ducky swimming in it.  The three teams worked their way through a series of mentally and physically challenging land based activities.  The winner was based on who could navigate the course fastest with the least amount of water spilled. 

After the morning session, we enjoyed a delicious barbeque lunch at the top of the hill.

With the picturesque view overlooking Lyttelton Harbour, we enjoyed some down in the sun before it was time to head over to the archery and rifler range for the afternoon. For these activities we got ourselves into groups of three and competed for the top score. With some shooting techniques more successful than others, it was a fantastic way to end the day as we used up what energy was left from the morning!  Matt and Alex had a keen competition, with Matt the eventual winner, and Abby discovered that she is right handed in normal life, but a left handed shooter.  Green Team – Safety Engineering were the winners of the shooting contest.  

The new quarter has brought along some exciting changes here for us at BVT. With our graduate engineers both eager and ready to put their skills into action, our newly restructured teams mean we will have a stronger group focus on three key areas:

– LT400’s, Plant Equipment and Machinery – Blue Team
– Risk and Safety Engineering – Green Team
– Simulation, Racking and Non-Structural Building Elements – Red Team

It was fantastic to see the new teams working so well together, particularly in an out of office environment. Thank you again to the staff at Living Springs who ensured our day was a huge success. Everyone left with smiles on their faces and a new level of excitement for what’s to come this quarter, and the rest of the year!