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BVT Team Building Day

The beginning of July brings us into the third quarter of 2016, along with with colder weather and perhaps a little less snow than desired! Each quarter we go off site for a day to review the last quarter and plan the next one. We spent Thursday 7th July off site for our team bonding day.

We started late morning with a presentation of our quarterly metrics, goals and recognition of our achievements from quarter two, held in the HSBC building. The brand new complex was an inspiring place to be as we talked about what is to come for the third quarter. By 12pm it was time to refuel before the afternoon’s activities, so we headed down to the Rendezvous hotel for a buffet lunch. With a delicious selection of food ready and waiting for us, we indulged without considering that perhaps our eyes were bigger than our stomachs!

After lunch, the team walked down to Imagination Station. The engineers were in their element with a couple of hours free to build and programme and their own Lego Mindstorm robots, followed by a sumo-inspired battle bout where each team got to battle it out until we had an overall winner. Teams were able to go back and reprogram their robots after each round of battles. For some teams, reprogramming involved only a few minor adjustments, and for others, a completely reprogrammed robot with some added Lego for both a structural advantage and a visually more intimidating design. There were some fairly intimidating looking robots which you can see in the pictures below!

Robots        IMG_4726

With afternoon refreshments from Mrs Higgins cookies and (more) coffee, the afternoon’s activities kept us happily entertained until 4.30pm. If given the opportunity I can safely say the engineers would have stayed until dinner time, perhaps even longer. A big thank you to the staff at Imagination Station for hosting us, we thoroughly enjoyed our session. Until next time!