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BVT is excited to announce that it has been accepted as an Association of Consulting Engineers New Zealand (ACENZ) member. ACENZ is a trusted advisor providing business leadership in matters relating to the built and natural environment.

ACENZ is the business association for engineers and related professionals for the built and natural environment. ACENZ is a leader in the business world, taking a stand to promote consulting engineering within New Zealand and on the international scene.  Members pride themselves in being at the forefront of innovation in engineering consulting.

ACENZ serves over 175 Corporate Members firms, employing over 9,600 people in New Zealand in a variety of professional and technical roles.  These firms range in size from one-person specialist consultants, to multidiscipline firms employing over 1,000 people.  Many of the firms have overseas offices.

It differs from other engineering organisations in that the membership is composed of firms rather than individuals. It focuses on business matters, industry leadership, and helping member firms do business better.

All ACENZ members:

  • Subscribe to a code of ethics that requires them to be responsible professionals who consider the effect of their work on society and who ensure that their advice is technically competent to ensure safe and sustainable outcomes
  • Employ a range of professional staff including engineers, surveyors, architects, planners and scientists
  • Generate One billion dollars plus turnover per annum (combined) that translates to 15 to 20 billion dollars of capital plant and infrastructure.


For further information about ACENZ please go to their website http://www.acenz.org.nz/home.aspx