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BVT Christmas Party

On the 12th of December BVT went back to 1968 for the annual Christmas Party.  We meet in at work for some 60s era cocktails before taking on 10 Pin Bowling.  Bowling was the winner on the day.  I don’t think anyone cracked 100! After learning that we were unlikely to become professional bowlers, we headed to Ferrymead to the Murder Mystery Dinner Party, and for more cocktails at Mike’s Margarita Bar and dinner.  It was like live Cluedo for adults with cocktails in the mix.  Austin Powers was voted best dressed, with Matt Bishop’s 1960s Batman a close runner up.


It is likely to be the first time one company has had three team members on crutches, but that didn’t stand in the way of a good time.  Special mention for Quentin Lawler who looked stunning while strutting his stuff down the catwalk.  You were the winner in our eyes.