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BVT Cardboard Boat Building Challenge


When the idea of building cardboard boats and racing them in the water was suggested for our next team building day, it seemed a little ridiculous and unrealistic. However for a team of engineers, it did seem like the perfect challenge. On Tuesday 4th October, BVT headed over to the Naval Point Yacht Club in Lyttelton for the day, armed with a trailer load of cardboard and 1 km of duct tape.

Team presentations were held in the morning, reflecting on the previous quarter and looking ahead at what is to come. The run-in till the end of year is shaping up to be an exciting few months, with Josh successfully settled into Auckland and improvement processes being implemented within teams.

In our teams of 5, it was a race to the trailer to get the biggest and best bits of cardboard. We then scattered to the four corners of the field outside the yacht club, and began the 2 hour build. It resulted in 5 successful (and unique) team boat builds; some teams utilising the duct tape by waterproofing the whole bottom of their boats, while others went for a more aesthetically pleasing design by incorporating a mast and sail.

1           img_5320

It’s safe to say we were all surprised at how successful the boat racing actually went. All 5 boats managed to pass the “1 minute floating” test with someone inside, (we imagined at least 1 of the boats not making it this far),  followed by races from the wharf to shore, and a final endurance race.

9           img_5363

6           img_5354

The strongest boat/fastest paddler was revealed come the last race, with an impressive win by Aidan and his team.

10           8

A big thank you to Naval Point Yacht Club for having us, it was an awesome day enjoyed by all!