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As Built vs As Designed – BVT Auckland Event recap

Variation work in construction is usually seen as an unwanted anomaly. But what if we embraced the unknown? Why not have a team who specialises in providing rapid-response engineering work, values communication and flexibility, and can ultimately make simple work out of what is considered to be complex change?

We discussed this and more at our first BVT Auckland event last month. What we wanted most from this event was to spark discussion about the nature of variation and temporary works in construction projects.

A large portion of our work at BVT is rapid-response engineering solutions to problems that arise on construction sites. The fact is that these types of jobs have always, and will always arise, but they don’t need to add the significant cost which they usually do. By changing the way we think about and prepare for these jobs, we can minimise a large amount of associated risk.

A huge thank-you to all who attended and made the event a success. Demand was such that in the end we had to restrict attendance due to venue size – a great response to our first event of this kind in Auckland.

If you’d like to follow up on any information from the evening, please get in touch with Matt Bishop directly on +64 21 661 748, or via email matt.bishop@bvt.co.nz.

 As Built vs As Designed – BVT Auckland Event recap
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