Be active everyday, in as many ways as possible

It’s getting warmer now and our social touch team is out there on Thursday nights which means it’s time to get outdoors again!


Although some of our more hardcore team members have been surfing all winter, most of us have buttoned-off on the daily sporting routine over the colder months.


We’re a pretty active bunch here at BVT, but ask most of our team what the most important part of their fitness routine is, and they’ll probably tell you it’s biking to work. It’s the small things you do everyday which make the biggest difference to your health.


The Ministry of Health has some great guidelines on staying active. Here are their top 8 tips:


  1. Set a goal – ever wanted to try a triathlon? With a little perseverance and some perspiration, you can get there. Make your goals measurable and achievable.

  2. Make a day of it – it’s easy to add activity through your weekend outings. How much better will that picnic taste once you’ve climbed that hill and got the view to match?

  3. Be active with others – rope in your friends and whānau and you can all have a great time. Adults versus kids cricket, anyone? Or see if there’s a sports team at work you could join.

  4. Try a range of activities – team sports not for you? Try releasing your energy with some kickboxing instead – or harness it with some relaxing yoga techniques.

  5. Have fun – if having to go to the gym at lunchtime gets you down, don’t forget there are other options. Go tramping, take a dance class – as long as you enjoy it, you can stick with it.

  6. Make some swaps – you could:

    • get out and doing some gardening or going for a walk, instead of turning on the TV

    • swap your coffee breaks at work with walking breaks

    • use a push mower instead of an electric mower (and impress the neighbours!)

  7. Make it normal – physical activity should be a normal part of your day, and not a chore. Simple things, like walking or cycling to the shops or to work, can make a big difference.

  8. ‘Snack’ on activities – short periods of activity still count towards your weekly activity level. Even small things, like taking the stairs instead of the lift, add up!


Getting back into it can be daunting, but don’t forget the power of walking.


Living in Auckland? check out this great site, Epic Little Missions for a selection of walks, tramps and overnight camps in and around Auckland.


How about Wellington? Wellington City Council has got you covered with a huge range of walks around the capital.


Or Christchurch? ChristchurchNZ site lays out Canterbury’s top short (and not so short!) walks.