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6 Hour Blast Mountain Bike Race

On the 17th of October 4 members of the BVT took on the 6 Hour Blast mountain bike challenge at McLean’s Island.

1930 people made up 403 teams/entries.  The weather in Christchurch the morning of the race was beautiful and warm.  However, the weather at McLean’s Island was cold to miserable for much of the day.  That didn’t dampen spirits and a BBQ and a supply of hot chocolate and smores keep the riders and supporters going.

The team of Daniel Bulbring, Craig MacDonald, Tim Riddell and Aidan Davey rode a combined distance of 137.5 km in 5.40mins.  They finished 6 out of 14 Open Men’s teams and 64/403 entries.

It was a really fun day, even though it was freezing and the team are definitely keen to enter again.  Dan thought he might try and get the in-laws campervan to add to the comfort level of the day.  The course wasn’t challenging, but this meant that you could race faster.The St John’s ambulance service did a great job and were kept pretty busy.  It was a well organised event with a great atmosphere.

Hisilicon K3

Tim Riddell racing home


Hisilicon K3

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