Agile and accelerated project delivery through engineering collaboration

Join us tonight November 9, 5:30pm at the Crowne Plaza Christchurch to see what the construction industry can achieve through greater collaboration in the world of non-structural building elements (NSBE) and interior engineering.

Non structural building elements can account for over 70% of total project costs. The core services for installation include building acoustics, passive fire and seismic bracing. These systems have a high level of interaction within the building layout and issues often occur where they interfere with the successful installation of each other.

This is why a collaboration has been formed between BVT Engineering Professional Services, Olsson Fire & Risk and Acoustic Engineering Services. We have come together to provide an agile engineering group that has visibility over the interaction of key services during fit-out. We can ensure that the risk of NSBE interference is significantly minimized at the design stage, and react quickly to challenges that arise during this costly phase of a build.

If you want to learn how early communication and collaboration across these services can significantly reduce project risk, then click here to register. This event is nearly full.