We are not a traditional consultancy. We don’t work traditionally, we don’t charge traditionally. We are client driven professionals. We work with you to deliver the most practical solution, when you need it.

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Our mindset

We are client driven and flexible. We aren’t interested in telling you there is only one way to get the job done. We work with you so you get exactly what you need to meet the standard.

Our methods

Our agile workflow techniques allow us to quote and track jobs accurately, and adapt quickly if change is needed. That’s how we achieve our swift turnaround times.


Get us involved early, manage your risk

Project, compliance and safety risks are a concern for all contractors. Sit down with us for some simple advice before you start the job, so we can assess potential risks and solutions. We also talk to suppliers and regulators, keeping everyone informed.

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The real story behind racking compliance

Storage racking is like a miniature city inside your warehouse. Imagine 10 high-rise buildings neatly aligned and supporting tonnes of product between them. In a seismic event, they react the same way any tall steel structure does, sending objects flying and sometimes collapsing completely. That makes them extremely dangerous both to human life, and business operations. In fact, racking may be both the biggest economic and health and safety risk in your business.

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Advanced technology

Using the right technology during the calculation or analysis phase of a project can take hours, if not days, off the turnaround time. As engineers, we are always looking for smarter and simpler ways to deliver practical solutions for our clients, exactly when they need them.

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Seismic restraint - there's still a lot of work to be done nationwide

At BVT, we now have more in-house non-structural building elements seismic experts than many of New Zealand’s largest firms.

Seismic restraint
Seismic Performance of Non-Structural Elements

With so much focus on seismic performance of structures and their contents nowadays, we at BVT are committed to staying at the forefront of knowledge in one of our primary areas of expertise, namely, seismic performance of non-structural building elements.

Seismic Performance